Email Response to the Interview Invitation

Yeah! The email you were waiting for came. They want you to be interviewed! The cut was your application. The curriculum you worked so hard to customize got your attention. Your cover letter spoke to them, and now it’s time for “next steps.” But before you send a quick reply that you’re “thrilled” and “looking forward to meet. I’m not talking about an interview with the practice, but you should definitely do that. Nor do I mean preparing yourself in advance for all the questions you may ask. I’m talking about details before you step into the door. Who, what, where, when, how long. While the person scheduling your interview is likely to work with you to land on a time and date that works for both parties, and while you’re likely to get an exact address, you don’t need to know everything. You also need to know this:

How long the interview will last?

This is especially important if you’re going to give up your job for a couple of hours.

 Who do you meet with?

Because you need to do research beyond company stats, mission and market place, depending on your answer. It may be helpful, for example, to have a sense of the background of the people you meet and what skills they have brought to the organization.

What you need or will have access to?

If you are looking for an open-ended conversation or if a presentation is appropriate, and if you decide to go beyond that, you need to know what technology is available to you, even if you don’t ask for it.


Hello Susannah, good to hear from you! I hope your week will be fine. I can’t think it’s Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the team members in the R&J office. On the basis of the dates you mentioned, my availability is as follows: After 12 pm on 14 September and throughout the day until approximately 4:30 pm on 18 September. A couple of questions about the meeting in the office: 1) How long do you expect us to have together? 2) Will I have access to technology to present my work and thoughts on the company’s Q4 strategy? 3) Can you please let me know with whom I will meet and how long will I have with each person or if it will be an interview with the group? Thank you very much for all this being reached and coordinated. I hope you have a nice weekend and a nice rest! Okay, Stacey If you’re afraid you’re anxious or over-prepared, don’t be afraid! This type of detailed and specific email follow-up enhances your candidacy. You show you’re organized, efficient and thoughtful. If you send this one more tip (and I hope I’ve convinced you why you should): Err on the side of assuming the recruiter is slow to get back to you. This means being prepared to get as soon as possible all the information you need. Although sending a second email with these questions is not the end of the world, if you can knock this simple step out of the park from the get-go.

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