Health Benefits of Ginger

Anti inflammatory:

Ginger is anti inflammatory in nature as it contains the compound Gingerol. Gingerol is a bioactive compound. Naturally present inflammatory compounds helps to strengthen the immune system. Inflammation in excess amount can cause serious disease like celiac and fibromyalgia.

Regulate blood sugar:

Ginger also has ability to regulate blood sugar level of your body. Adding ginger to your diet may reduce inflammation as well as negative effect of blood sugar level and if it will not treated well it can cause serious diseases.

Treat chronic Indigestion:

Chronic indigestion known as dyspepsia is the pain in upper stomach portion .Ginger help in digestion properly and completely . Emptying of stomach about 50 % increases by taking ginger powder before meal almost 1.2 grams.

Lowers cholesterol:

Ginger helps in lowering of cholesterol level and also triglyceride level .Ginger is used to cure nausea , vomting , headache , morning sickness is also beneficial for heart also because it regulate blood pressure .

Fight against infections:

Gingerol present in ginger may lower the risk of infections . Ginger extract helps in lowering of bacteria . This is very effective against oral type.

Treat Nausea:

Ginger helps in treating nausea .it may be consumed in raw form or ginger tea is also effective for treating nausea .It is also used during pregnancy and also to prevent morning sickness.

Ginger Nutrition:

Ginger provides a variety of nutrients such as
Carbohydrates: 17.86g
Sugar: 0 g
Iron: 1.15g
Vitamin C: 7.7mg
Protein: 3.57g

Author: Nabia Noor

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