Gender Equality

In today’s world, there are so many different types of people when you look around. Different races, different backgrounds and stories. We live in a diverse group of people worldwide. Some would think that living in such a diverse world would create a common ground and perhaps unite to be “equal,” but that is far from true. No, I’m not talking about people’s inequality based on race or background; sex grouping is the problem here. Cultural practices have formed these boundaries from the beginning of time to now. Males and females have always been separated and how they are raised and taught even what occupations they take on.

Gender roles have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to professional life. Before you choose any profession, you must know this fact. Before you decide to take it, you must understand how people perceive a certain profession. Gender roles have several advantages that help us in certain professions to be hired and promoted. When women were supposed to be homemakers while men were breadwinners, there was a time. While the old thought school is slowly eroding, some professions prefer certain genders. Here we have listed some of the important advantages of gender roles in one’s career.

Since women are assumed to be good homemakers, careers that make use of homemaker skills usually prefer women candidates. There is a wide list of careers where women find it extremely easy to find a job. Likewise, men prefer careers that require you to be rational and strong. They are assumed to be better drivers and preferred in jobs where the timetables are strange. It is difficult to take it as a positive factor that some genders in certain professions receive special concessions. Due to their weaker health and household responsibilities, for example, women receive special concessions. Similarly, women are not forced to stay late and work in many countries because of the cultural impact. In many countries, these aspects simplify working life for women. Even in their later ages, men may have been considered efficient and capable as in their 40’s. Companies, on the contrary, can think twice before hiring a woman over a certain age. This means that after a certain age, men have greater job security.

There’s a negative side to every positive thing. There are several disadvantages of gender roles that prevent aspiring candidates from achieving their objectives. These aspects act as barriers and prevent candidates from climbing the success ladder. We have listed some of the main disadvantages of gender roles here. Consider these and wisely decide your career. People often associate your liking to be male or female for a particular job. This is a very bad way of treating people who like certain professions in particular. Women could never dream of becoming engineers until the last century, as these were dominated by men. Likewise, women were not appointed as police or military officers because they were considered weak and lacked strength.

The gender discrimination should be avoided because men are women are the two pillar in every house, office etc. So by doing discrimination we can either hurt the men or women of the society. Both of them perform some specific role which other cannot perform.

Author: Noor Ul Ain

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