5 Different Ways to Calm Your Interview Nerves 

You’ve studied every question of an interview there is. You’ve been looking back and forth at the company. You’ve been waiting for this moment and preparing for what feels like years, and now it’s almost here. Except, you’re a wreck of anxiety. Maybe it’s just a couple of hours away, maybe just minutes away, but you want to do something to get back in cool and collected mode before it happens. You’re reading this good thing, because we have 12 things that you can try to calm down all the nerves of the interview right now-one of them is bound to work.

Go for a Walk:

Fresh air is a lot of good for everyone. If you have a phone interview, take a walk around the block (or a run to release all those healthy endorphins if you feel ambitious). If it’s in person, it takes five minutes to walk around and clear your head before you enter the building.

 Practice the S.T.O.P method:

This is the ultimate mental trick to tackle any stressful situation, according to executive coach Chris Charyk. It goes like this:

Stop what you do and concentrate on your thoughts.

Take a couple of deep breathes.

 Observe what’s going on in your body, emotions and mind, and why you feel them.

Proceed with an intention to include in your actions what you have observed.

The importance of this technique is to slow down and be deliberate not only about the things you do, but also about your feelings. It reminds you that in even the most press-cooker situations, you have the power to banish your own fears, doubts and nerves.

Prepare for the worst:

Whatever your greatest fear is, the answer is always there. Your teeth lettuce? Pack a compact mirror and floss (among other handy items) in your bag. Anxious not to have a good answer to a tricky question? If you don’t know an answer, be proactive and learn how to cover your tracks. By thinking ahead, you can truly rest assured that you are more than ready to handle it, even if the worst happens.

Make an interview Cheat Sheet:

The period is just as important as preparing for the worst. The more you go, the less you worry about it. So start a note on your phone and write down all the necessities-the address of the building, the name of the hiring manager, the time, the three main things you want to know in the interview, your questions, whatever you think about. Then pull the baby out immediately before you’re called and you’ll feel so confident you’ve covered everything.

Plan Something for Afterwards:

 So maybe you don’t look forward to two hours of nervous sweating in front of a complete stranger, but what would you be excited about? A good meal? Do you have a massage? A date with your dog and Netflix’s favorite show? Whatever it is, prepare it to be ready for you when you’re done -that way, instead of your jitters, you have something awesome to look forward to.

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