11 Health Benefits of Kiwi


The kiwi fruit is a tangy, sweet fruit holding a lot of surprising health benefits. The most common specie is Actinidia delicious, known as Hayward kiwi. This fruit is oval in shape. Its species include hardy kiwi, silver vine kiwi.


Kiwis are small fruit that pack a lot of nutrients a kiwi fruit also known as the Chinese gooseberry. Their green flesh is tangy. Their small seeds are edible. Their size is like chicken egg.

Health benefits:

1. Healthy Skin:

Vitamin C present in kiwi works as an antioxidant. This vitamin helps to prevent sun damage, prevents pollution, dirt etc.

2. Kidney Stones:

Potassium presents in kiwi reduce the risk of stroke, reduce bone mineral density and also prevent kidney stone formation. So intake of potassium also plays an important role.

3. Protect Against Vision:

Eating kiwi 3-4 a day may reduce macular degeneration and it can reduced to 36%. Zeaxanthin and leutin present in kiwi may also control this degeneration effect strongly.

4. Improves Immunity Level:

Immunity level may increase due to prescience of vitamin C in kiwi as it is an antioxidant and also an essential nutrient. Kiwi helps to reduce flu, cough etc.

5. Help to Treat Asthma:

Asthma can be controlled by eating kiwi in your regular diet as it contains high amount of antioxidants and fight against various diseases.

6. Powerhouse of Vitamins and Minerals:

Kiwi is known as power house of minerals and vitamins due to prescience of variety of nutrients as well. Vitamins include potassium, B12, B6, calcium, magnesium etc. These all vitamins improve blood circulation, iron absorption, good visionetc.

7. Help in Digestion:

Kiwi helps in digestion as it has property of dissolving protein due to actinidain enzyme as in papaya that increases digestion.

8. High Source of Vitamin C:

Kiwi fruit contain 154 % of vitamin C which is twice from lemon and oranges. Vitamin C helps in preventing various diseases such as blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases etc.

9. Nutritious Skin:

Kiwi’s skin contains:
Vitamin E: This vitamin keeps your cells healthy.
Folate: This helps in cell growth and prevents neutral tube defects.

10. Reduced Constipation:

The fiber present in kiwi can reduce constipation and ease bowel movements. Kiwi contains a lot of fiber.

11. Better Absorption of Iron:

Iron plays an important role in neurological activities and red blood cell production. Iron presents in kiwi reduce a number of serious diseases.

Author: Nabia Noor

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