How do we change perception towards stigmatized beauty standards?

The definition of beauty changes time by time. The concept of beauty is different in our mind and the same concept is different for our grandparents. In previous times beauty was related to the purification of soul and the manner of a person. But at this age, the concept of beauty is totally changed. Beauty is something that only related to the physical appearance of women or men. Even google also provide the same definition of beauty that is only related to the physical outlook. A well-known definition of beauty on the internet is: “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that please the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. We can change these stigmatized beauty standards by our awareness and knowledge. If we consider we are beautiful in a way God has created us. He has created us perfectly. We don’t need any changes in our body by any plastic surgery. We need to understand that our true beauty is related to our soul. A soft heart is more important for men or women than the color of their skin. Both women and men must be confident about their personality. Beauty is something that is socially constructed. Nowadays, Everyone focuses on external beauty. The concept of external beauty is something that is imposed on us by our society, it is not something that is really true. We always judge a person by his external look, if a person looks fashionable he is considered beautiful. We make certain standards of beauty. These standards are built by the idealization of western culture. They present a different role model to us and we all want to follow the role model. We all want to become like them. A girl considers that she must have a smart body and fair complexion with smooth skin. These are all socially defined beauty standards for women. Similarly, in the case of boys, they also supposed to have six packs and strong body. Media is playing a huge role in presenting the specific kind of beauty that is only related to the outlook. Photoshopping is prevalent in today’s world. We cannot watch a single advertisement without Photoshop. Media must represent the true and real picture of society and characters. We have to learn to boost up our confidence. We must be confident for whatsoever we are. We must be real as God made us. We don’t need to compare ourselves with that TV actor and actress, they are not real. Every person in this world is not perfect. Every person has some flaws in his or her personality but the intelligence is to face that and be confident for whatsoever you are. We are all beautiful in our own ways. How we feel about ourselves is more important than how we look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin that’s what really makes you beautiful. Wisdom, creativity, and love are discovered as we relax and awaken through our bodies.
Author: Maryam Zafar

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