What’s more important? Job satisfaction or earning money?

In this world every person is constantly in pursuit to attain perfection and become the most successful materialistically. There is no one who actually know the definition of real success. Thus, the question arises as if whether it is the money or the satisfaction you get from a job that is important. Keeping in mind the current situation of the world we must say there is required balance that needs to be maintained.

Today for a person when considering  a job, salary is one of the most important considerations. to some when they are earning well it gives them mental satisfaction and further motivates them to work harder. At the same time what we all need to keep in mind that the job which we do is not anyhow making your life hell unless you have no other option. A bad and disturbing job can also elevate the level of stress in your body resulting adverse impact on your health. So where working to afford the basic necessities of life is  a need, job satisfaction to some degree also holds significance.

Another thing which we all must understand, your job is not your life and your life is not merely the job you have. If we look at examples from past, we learn that when people stop earning a certain amount of money it mentally disturbs them. Some of them even commit suicide e.g The famous Robin Williams who although had a lot of money but still committed suicide because he couldn’t earn any more due to a physical ailment.

Nowadays even when choosing careers young people prefer choosing such career options which pay off well. Careers such as dentistry, psychology and nutrition are preferred over others because they pay off pretty well. In the pursuit of earning money youngsters leave their dreams, aspirations and thus they end up getting a job they don’t like.

The greed for money sometimes results in people ending up in illegal occupations e.g. drug trafficking, corruption etc. This clearly indicates that to some people it is not the satisfaction that matters but the money only which results in people getting jobs such as prostitutes and drug facilitators.

However, in some contexts working to support the family is important, long working hours, harassment at work is ignored because there is no other option. For examples in West, students do odd jobs such as waiters, babysitters etc to earn money to pay off college loans.

Human desires and wants are unlimited. However job satisfaction is important too. So what is required is to maintain a balance between the two aspects. Just the right amount of satisfaction and money to live a happy life.

Author: Zersha Ali Sheikh

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