Mobile Phones and Teens Today

Most of us are aware fo how annoying it get sometiems whwn you are busy doing some important work and your phone starts vibrating. There comes one message and then comes another. Mobile phones have become an important part of teen life today. Mobile phone usage rate is increasing rapidly. The introduction of smart phones has especially affected the way people use their mobile phones. Earlier where it was only about messaging and texts, it is now being used for a variety of purposes including video games, social media and web browsing etc. With mobile phones and internet together teenagers acn have access to a wide variety of information at tehir fingertips. Besides these benefits, mobile phones may have adverse impacts if they are misused

Mobile phone are a great source of communication. It is a tool widely used by parents to stay in touch with their children so that they are able to act promptly in case of emergencies.

By having a mobile phone teenagers can hacve access to a variety of applications. From calendars tp alarms you can ahve everything in your mobile phones. besides due to increasing number of application that can be downloaded in your mobile phones, educational apps can help students academically. a sea of information is available on teh ineternet for research purposes and indeed with that it is easy to finish off all those assignments.

One of the adverse impacts that come with use of internet is cyber safety issues. hacking, blackmailing and privacy theft are common issues associated with the use of mobile phones as most teenagers are likely to use internet in their mobile e.g. for using social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

For teens today it is more important being busy talking to friends on a Whatsapp group than spending time with family. It is not wrong to say that mobiles have made man less of a social animal and more of an introvert.  They care more of how many likes they get on an Instagram post than how many people actually like their personality and character.

Studies show that teenagers using mobile phones are more prone to issues such as sleeping disorders e.g. insomnia and other issues like amnesia. Long screen time also results in eyesight issues. Use of mobile phone while driving is one of the leadig cause of accidents today.

Mobile phones are an invention to make our lives easier as they help in communication and a lifesaver in time of emrgencies. As excess of everything is bad, it applies here as well so a required balance needs to be maintained to reduce the impact of the bad consequences of usage of mobile phone.

Author: Zersha Ali Sheikh

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