Feminism and Equal Rights

Feminism is a doctrine or a movement that aims at the equal rights for women to those of men in economical, political, social and all the other aspects of life. Feminism is the theory of advocacy of women’s equal rights to men and feminists are of the view that men and women should be equal to enjoy their social, political and economical rights equally. Feminism is about equality, freedom and liberation of women.

Some people possess certain misconceptions regarding this very term “feminism”. Feminism has long been associated with the strong, forceful and angry women and with the idea that women are better than men. People who are misguided by the notion of feminism are of the view that through feminism women want to rule over the world and want to put down the men. Such people fear that feminism will bring about negative shifts in time-honored traditions, religious beliefs and established gender roles. And this is what feels scary and makes so many people hate the doctrine of feminism.

Feminism is a movement of west and eastern people do not need it because what feminism advocates now, our religion Islam has advocated it thousands of years ago. Our religion has told us already that Almighty Allah has created both men and women equally and has given them equal rights in some matter but not in others. It is true that Allah Almighty has created men and women equally. But at the same time, He attributed men with some unique and exceptional qualities and rights because Almighty Allah wanted them to be the head of their family. So, He rendered men with some exceptional rights to enable them to run a society.

Our religion has defined gender roles both for men and women has given them some rights which best suit to their genders. Our society is governed by these gender roles and we have to lead our life performing these roles. We are not in a position to oppose these roles, if our religion has given us certain commands regarding gender roles and rights about men and women, then who we are to question those roles and rights. I heard so many women saying that why we should allow men to rule over us, and why we cannot have some rights the men have? There is only one answer to such questions that if our Almighty Allah has given them some rights then we are no one to question it.

As far as feminism is concerned, it is equality of rights for women to men and is not being over protective towards women. Women should enjoy their rights they are given, but should not strive for the rights which Almighty Allah has not given them. An attempt to attain equality which can never be achieved in some matters is a sheer stupidity on the part of women. So, the movement that instigates women to demand equal rights and go against their own religion Islam, is a misguided feminism and is at a sharp contrast with Islam. This type of feminism is needed by westerners, not by the easterners because people of east, hold dear their religion rather than this kind of movement.

Author: Zarmeen Zahid

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