Extremism literally means , “the quality or state of being extreme” or “the advocacy of extreme measures.

As such, some of the signs of extremism include:
Seeking to impose one’s beliefs, ideologies or values on others through force or indoctrination and being intolerant of other beliefs and perspectives.

A binary ‘them and us’ world view, which seeks to divide communities along communal lines, enforcing this through violence.

Seeking to limit or curtail the civil liberties or human rights of others on the basis of gender, religion, sexuality and race.

Excluding other groups, particularly minorities, from public life through discrimination, fomenting hatred, or through act.


Islamic extremism has been defined by the British government as any form of Islam that opposes “democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Two major definitions have offered fos Islamic extremism
The use of voilent Tactics such as bombing and assassination for achieving desired Islamic goals.
An extremely conservative view of islam which doesnot necessarily entail violence.

Islam is an extreme religion….?

Islamic terrorists!” “Muslim fundamentalists!” “Extremists!” “Radical Islamists!” These are just some labels that have been wrongly applied to Muslims and certain Muslim groups in recent years.

The media’s portrayal of Islam often misleads those whose knowledge of the religion is limited, into making negative assumptions about this very peaceful and tolerant way of life.

The prevalence of media bias and ignorance regarding Islam can be countered by understanding Islam through its proper teachings. That means referring to the Qur’an (which Muslims believe to be the word e9 of God) and the authentic sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Through the proper understanding of these teachings, one will discover Islam to be completely against any form of extremism.

When reading through the Qur’an or the sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him), one must understand the context in which the wording applies. The following verse of the Qur’an is a favourite amongst those seeking to mislead people about Islam:

“And kill them wherever you find them, and expel them from where they expelled you, as persecuting people to sway them from God’s Religion is worse than killing. But do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque, unless they fight you there. But if they do fight you, then slay them; This is the recompense of the disbelievers.”

On occasion this verse has been dangerously trimmed down to the following:

“And Kill them wherever you find them”

we see that everywhere the Muslims are killed, wounded and punished for being Muslims. America and West are inwardly oves award by the revival of Islam in Europe and other western countries. Thousands of the European and western people are embracing Islam every year. Western scholars and religious thinkers are highly afraid of it and they are carrying on an unholy campaign against Islam and our beloved Holy Prophet
America and the European countries are carrying this campaign in the name of extremism Which is now very common and popular in Pakistan.

While Pakistan is a religious country, it came into being in the name of Islam but unfortunately, its religious scholars and thinkers divided the country into many sects.

Religious extremism has generated many evils:


It has produced tyranny and violence. it has urged the religious Extremists to resort to use force against those who do not agree to their views. This thing has built a strife between SHias and Sunnies. These two religious groups killed many people of the rival group. They killed innocent people which include thinkers scholars doctors teachers and other civilized members of society. such a type of religious extremism is very harmful to society and country.

What we have now in Paul Stares words is an ideal environment for extremism, with preachers and fiery clerics still spouting fire and brimstone from the pulpit. A poor populace at the mercy of political carpetbaggers constantly chafes at the unjust political and economic treatment while the state colludes with the looters. The agents of extremism subscribing to the takfiri ideology are present in every religious party and amongst mainstream preachers catering to the elite as well as the poor. The pulpit, mosque and madrassah has been appropriated by firebrand clerics and the government makes excuses for its inaction vis-à-vis regulation of these institutions that have been effectively regulated in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Egypt and Turkey. Without madrassah reforms, control of mosques, discouragement of extremist preachers, and a ruthless crackdown on all forms of religious militancy, the state will never win a war against extremism. As such, it is necessary for our nation as a whole to reject extremist ideology, while tackling its root causes instead of tinkering with symptoms.

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