Who Drives Souls to Hell?

His phone rang in house of God accidentally throughout prayers.
The imam gave a brief sermon after prayer and created him a reference to careless worshiper.

Other worshippers around him chastened him after prayers too for interrupting.

His spouse kept on lecturing him for his carelessness too when he got home.
Other brothers shook their heads in disgust.

You could see the shame, embarrassment and humiliation on his face.

He never stepped foot within the house of God again.

That evening, he visited a bar.

He was still terribly nervous and was trembling from his shame. He ordered a drink.

He spilled his drink on the table, the bottle falls accidentally too and a few of the contents splashed on some of the folks around.

Those it splashed rush towards him.
He closed his eyes expecting a bashing or torrent of words of abuse or physical assault.

Instead they were caring and wished to grasp if he was hurt and had he any cuts from the broken bottle.

The waiter apologized to him and gave him a napkin to wash himself up.
The cleaner mopped the ground.
The female manager offered him a complimentary drink.

She conjointly gave him an enormous hug and a peck whereas saying, “Don’t worry man. WHO does not create mistakes?”

He has not stopped getting to that bar since then.

#Lesson to be learnt.

Sometimes our perspective as believers drives souls to Hell.

We think we all know it all. we expect it’s terribly sure we are going to Jannah or heaven.

Alas, you’ll be able to create a distinction by however you treat folks particularly after they create mistakes.

  • IF you can’t be a bridge to attach folks, then don’t be a wall to separate them.
  • IF you can’t be a lightweight to embellish people’s smart deeds then don’t be the darkness covering their efforts.
  • IF you can’t be water to assist people’s crops grow, then don’t be the persecutor destroying their crops.
  • IF you can’t be a vaccine to present life, then don’t be a virus to terminate it.
  • IF you can’t be a pencil to put in writing anyone’s happiness, then attempt tod} be an implement to get rid of their unhappiness.

We can always be each others keepers, allow us to resolve to heal the world and create it a stronger place.

Can we do that??
Yes, we can.

Author: Iram Iqbal

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