Virginia Woolf and Feminism

Feminism is a doctrine that advocates equal rights for women. We can say that feminism is a movement aimed at equal rights for women. Virginia Woolf is an English author basically a novelist and an assay writer and a most forward-thinking writer of the 20th century. Her real name is Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf. Her work contains some techniques such as stream of consciousness and the interior monologue. She was the prominent member of the Bloomsbury group. Virginia Woolf argues about the rights of women before the Second World War and long before the second wave of feminism. She argues about the women’s experience, basically in the women movement, could be the basis for transubstantiate social modification.

Virginia Woolf is called the foremother of the feminist movement. She is called foremother because there are many reasons for it. The first and foremost reason of this is because she has to face all the circumstances in her own life. She used to live in a society where there is no room for girl’s education. Her brothers were allowed to go outside and get education but she was not allowed to go outside for education. Virginia Woolf used her father’s home library for her education. She believed that women should also being able to get education, being able to make their own money and the ability to freely travel on their own.

In her publications from 1920 to1940, she alter the representation of feminism parallels to the involvement with the contemporary women’s movement. Mrs. Woolf writings talks about feminism in her public letters from 1920s as well as “A Room for one’s Own”, “A society” and “Life as We Have known it”. Virginia Woolf writes about females in many of her essays, like “A Room of One’s Own”. In this essay she writes that “A women must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. Mrs. Woolf talks about the female with comparison to men. She says that women were not able to write with the same financial freedom that our society give to the men. She believed, the most typical view of the marriage that keep the house clean and take Care of the children is the main barrier or the stone between the established careers of a women.

In her most famous book “Three Guineas” we get the idea of her feminism in best and clear cut way. This book is most often read as an opposing war. Virginia Woolf said about this book that “I have already said all I have to say in my book Three Guineas”. Virginia Woolf once wrote that “All women together ought to let flowers fall upon the tomb of Aphra Behn… for it was she who earned them the right to speak their mind”.

Virginia Woolf considered as the most influential author of her age. She make a way for the female gender of her generation. She was able to get her point across in a powerful yet meaningful way. Mrs. Woolf’s novel guild the women to obtain meaning in life and realize their identities. She raised up as different feminist women writer in her age. She unrevealed the cause of women depression and provide a suitable answer to her readers. Virginia Woolf was indeed a distinguished writer of 20th century.

Author: Maryam Zafar

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