I strongly disagree to the people who has put Eves in a competition of self-embellishment and Adams in manifesting glorification of apparent beauty, and has denounced the beautiful face as an emblem of BEAUTY!

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History is witness of the defaming of pretty faces and shattering of Romeos for the Juliets . Laila! The personification of darkest night , was VENUS for someone.

Oh mankind !!!
You ignorant soul..!!
Love is something connected to soul it has its own kingdom ,its own laws.

If human loves any thing in this world, that is a human face.
Mother’s face, mother’s eyes, mother’s smile is the only way of Love , affection , attraction and endearment to a newly born baby in this unknown world . No Matter, How the face of mother looks like ?! Either it is ugly or unattractive to the world but it is dearest to
her child .
If a mother is not there, the child feels isolated in the crowd. The holy face of the mother is the total universe for the child.

Great stories of love are the stories , fascinated by the faces.
The face is heavenly sight.
Study of Face observes the wisdom and this wisdom is more than the study of the books. Each face is a separate chapter in the open book of life, A isolated sequence , a separate reaction , a seprate orbit and a seprate topic.

” Even, Good and evil is differentiated by faces . ”

Some self-obsessed people like only one face, their own face. They turn there blood “white ” while being lushying in there own beauty of face , they don’t see any other face in the universe except there own .But , It has also happened that someone’s hands and feet get flowered by seeing someone’s face . No Matter , How that face looks like !!

It’s not an idiom it’s real . Some faces are not acceptable specially the faces of culprits . No Matter How beautiful they look , they are just ugliest in the eye of downtrodden . These evil faces can never be turn into pious faces . So , it shows that if any culprit have a beautiful face , it can never be beautiful in the eye of oppressed .

Beauty is in the eye of beholder and if that eye becomes blind, then it takes away the light within th soul, which earlier brought vibrant gay on beloved’s face.

A glance!!
Only a single glance of love !!
If pure, is enough to take one’s soul away.
The lover never asks for self-embellishment or for beloved’s beautiful face but a glance , a warmth glance of love.!!

The spell of face has always captivated the heart of lover which makes the beloved proud, and why not?

Face is :
A replica of emotions,
An open book of all experiences of life,
A mirroring of inner self,
An ambassador of love,
A reflection of soul and meanings to words,
but only the face, not necessarily the beautiful one.

if i conclude this whole i will say :

An eye is always needed to read it all beauty has nothing to do with beloved’s face, it only lies in the eye of beholder.

Author: Ariana Paras


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