The Iceberg Theory of Success

People only see what is your present status in a society without realizing the fact that how you have achieved it. Success is not a process of seconds and days, it takes a long time to achieve some status in life. It requires a lot of effort to fulfill your dreams. When you start you are zero than time, circumstances, your determination takes you at a peak point that cannot be achieved easily. Sometimes your dream status will be a loss for you and it may take you at some point that would be better and beneficial for you.

In iceberg theory of success, success is at the peak point. Then what about those that are under the water? Those under the water are the real success achieving points that are not seen by everyone just the one who passes through it knows it.
What is behind the tip success? There are many things that are not seen. I am going to explain briefly all of the things. First to point out that good habits, passion, honesty, innovation and dedication lie behind the very first step of the iceberg. These are the things required for being successful. Lack of one of the above things may result in a hollow in your personality.

First, in the iceberg theory is risks. One who takes risks, achieve something in life as without these risks nothing is possible. If you are going to invest a rupee in a business, you are taking risk of profit and loss.

Second, in the iceberg theory is a change which is in the attitude of a person and approaches toward different things. Change should be done in a positive way that makes your personality more developed.

Third, in the iceberg theory is criticism. That is how we are going to handle the opposition in the process of making ourselves successful.

Fourth, in the iceberg theory is courage. It shows how we are going to handle rejection. One should be courageous enough to handle failures. Being courage also needs to accept other accomplishments.

Fifth, in the iceberg theory is discipline. Being discipline leads to success. As time and tide wait for none. If you are disciplined, you know how to manage time, and how to use that in your favor.

Sixth, in the iceberg theory is persistence. This is important as being successful you have work till dawn and dusk. There are may be many nights when you are alone, no one is there for you but you have to continue working. This requires persistence so that this ultimately leads to the second last step towards your success.

Seventh, in the iceberg theory, is hard work. This is the second last step that ultimately leads you to the tip that is the success. Hard work is the key point. Without this nothing is going to be in the right way.

Lastly, and most important in the tip of the iceberg is the success. For this, you have gone through so many steps, without realizing how much effort you have put for it. When you reach there, you achieve the ultimate happiness. This point is the satisfaction of the soul.
Being successful is easy, but being thankful and persistence toward it is difficult. Being thankful does not mean other people should be credited those who have done nothing, that is being thankful to YOURSELF that you remain persistent, courageous and honest towards yourself. At the end, I am going, to sum up by saying that success does not come from your comfort zone. You have to go out of it and have to face the hurdles of life. If you are going to remain in your comfort zone you are not going to be successful.

Author: Naima Cheema

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