Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy is a complete package for human development. Maslow defined the needs which are the source of human development. He categorized the need into Physiological needs, psychological needs and self-fulfilment needs.

Basic Needs:

The most primitive and essential need is Survival. And the tools necessary for survival are considered basic needs which includes oxygen, water and food. The instincts of these needs are not inculcated rather they are innate. If the supply of any of these is cut off or cut short then it’s impossible to continue breathing.

Safety Needs:

After the fulfilment of basic needs, humans desire for shelter and security. When a person feels safe then he aspires to excel in the game of life. Safety is utmost necessary because the feeling of insecurity ceases the development and growth of a person. He becomes anti-socialist and pessimism prevails over his personality. He then cuts himself off the society which leads him to be misanthropist which is ultimately a culprit because such a person can’t think good of anyone not even of himself and as a result becomes a threat to whole society. So a society must take responsibility of providing home to every person that belongs to it.

Love and Belongingness:

Every human craves for the love and belongingness. Though love can’t feed the empty stomach but love is the food of soul. Who doesn’t likes to be loved. To love and to be loved is the best ever feeling of world.

Self Esteem:

When the three basic requirements are met, people tend to look for social acceptance, recognition of their work and applaud in return. They want people to value them, pay homage which ultimately augments their self-respect. It is psychological fact that reinforcements increase the interest of a person of what he is doing. Here the respect from others is reinforcement that keeps him working good.

But if a person don’t get enough respect, his self-esteem will get hurt which will make him feel inferior. For some people self-respect is so important that they can sacrifice anything in name of it.
And one more important thing is if you don’t respect yourself nobody else is bound to respect you either.


Self-actualization is “Access to your Soul”. It means to unveil the potentialities of your inner-self. Human is a universe within universe. It is that drop of water that itself contains the whole ocean in it. It is just the matter of self-recognition.

Self-Actualization is the crown of the needs. After the satisfaction of all the basic and psychological needs there comes when human is at the 7th sky. It is the discovery of your hidden potentialities.

The first step towards self-actualization is to know your rights and wrongs. When a person becomes able to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right for him, then he becomes capable of controlling his own-self. So the process initiates with Self Control. Self-control leads to self-awareness the after-maths of which is person starts seeing light within himself. It’s the discovery of your inner mystic galaxy. The human just needs to unmask the door to the soul. When human quests to find the secrets of his soul, the riddles start to be solved themselves. And it is true that when a person desires something wholeheartedly the whole universe conspires to help him find that thing.

As Maslow beautifully quoted:

What a man can be, he must be

If a man becomes committed, then the word impossible itself turns into possible. Nothing in this universe can stop a man except his own procrastinations.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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