Life is a precious gift from Almighty Allah. These are the blessed people that have this affluence and should be grateful. It is a blessing that you are living a healthy life, you go where ever you want, you enjoy every moment. Think about those who have not this affluence.

How one can give life to others? My heart bleeds when I see that rescue and ambulance that have patients in them are not given the way from our people. People even block the way by situating their vehicles in front of ambulances. Why don’t such people realize that these are the needy people? Their act of giving the way can lead to the survival of many lives.

One should realize that these people have gone through great misery. They have already experienced pain when they get caught in an accident or in a malady. They are already in an uneasiness. Such people see that world which we can’t imagine. They have seen both worlds in front of their eyes. These people are in such a state where little sympathy can lead to comfort in their lives. It is true that whose life has been increased no one can take it away. But to those whose life has not been increased what we can do is to give way to their ambulance so that their family may have no guilt in their lives that they have not reached the hospital in time.

In Western countries, there is a rule that if you hear the sound of the siren of ambulance and fire, they have to move to the left side so that ambulance can go easily and there will be no need of making way for it. But what happened in our country that firstly people don’t stop their cars, if they do so then people at motorbikes start going in front of the ambulance. What the ambulance driver has to do is to wait until these people show some sympathies. We are Muslims, we are the followers of Islam which commands us to show kindness towards animals. As Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said:
“Whoever is merciful even to a sparrow, Allah will be merciful to him on the day of judgment.”

When our Prophet (PBUH) has instructed us that we show sympathy towards animals than why not humans. Why we don’t show sympathy towards humans? When we have to answer our behavior toward animals then why do people forget that we also have to answer our behavior toward human beings also?

So it’s a humble appeal to all please give way to the ambulance so that the life of people have been saved. They may get a chance to live their life. Be a source that people should be thankful to you and prays for you. Your one little act can save a life. Show some sympathy in your hearts, it is going to be okay that if you got one minute late for your work, but your one minute can save a life. Just place yourself at the situation of a person who is suffering, then you are able to realize their pain. Please show kind and supportive perspective toward this little tread. In the end, I would like to quote the Declaration of Human Rights in Islamic Law that “safeguarding the continuation of mankind’s life, as far as God has destined, is a legal duty” Article 2, A.

Author: Naima Cheema

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