Different Leadership Styles

Leadership styles are the ways that a person adopts to have power over others and lead other people. It depends on the leader how he/she is going to adopt these styles and implement them. It is in the hands of a leader that he provides direction for the methods, how to implement plans and to motivate people. These leadership styles are of different types depending on the context that is educational, political, scientific, and so on. To determine the qualities of a person one should be put in a situation so that his/her leadership styles can be checked.

A leader should be humble and mastermind at the same time. He/she should have a different approach towards everything and sees out every aspect of it. There are many different styles of leadership that I am going to explain so that it helps in making a person a good leader.

First is autocratic leadership, it totally depends on the boss. It is the responsibility of the leader to manage everything and takes along other people with him. Authoritative person make decisions and communicate these ideas with other people so they all have a mutual understanding of an issue.

Second is democratic leadership, in this the subordinates make decisions and the head remains persistent. He/she has to accept the decision of their subordinates.

Third is transformational leadership, it is all starting to make a change in an organization, in yourself and others. It is that change should be done in a healthy way.

Fourth is team leadership, it is all about how the leader and its members’ coordinates and works together. Their mutual understanding and the mentality level they share.

Fifth is cross-cultural leadership, it is of the communication between different leaders of different cultures living in a society. It is related to international communication that is especially in the purpose of trade.

Sixth is facilitative leadership, it is related to a group performance. How effectively they are performing together in a group and the outcome of their performance. It is related to the monitoring of group tasks and their suggestions.

Seven is coaching leadership, it is related to teachers that how they are supervising them. They have imparted the skills that are fully or not to subordinates.

Eight is visionary leadership, it is that one who sees every aspect of an issue. This is that the leader sees the future of an issue and analyze every positive and negative aspect of it.

Ninth is paternalistic, it is related to the parents that is a leader acts as a parent. This shows that they have great concern for their subordinates.

Tenth is situational leadership, it is that a good leader is the one that can manage a different situation. He/she should go through many situations so that their vision to see something become clear. They can handle different moods of their subordinates easily.

But why these leadership skills are important? Is leadership important or rather a theory? The importance of leadership can be seen in the aspect that if there is no leader our life would become like a group of animals that don’t know where to go just to roam about here and there. Leaders give us some ways to live lie in that way. Being a leader is not an easy task as it requires a lot of patience and approaches to handling different people that are from different cultures and societies. He/she should tackle difficult situations, should be humble, and should listen to the opinion of others and so on. These skills help people in becoming a good leader as it is an honor for a person that he can handle many people, as many people listen to his/her opinions. At the end I am going, to sum up it with Robin S. Sharma’s quote:

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have or your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”

Author: Naima Cheema

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