The Source of Happiness is within us

What is happiness? It is something that gives you relief and satisfies you. The spectrum of happiness is different for everyone. For some people, happiness is living in cold weather and for some people, summer are a source of pleasure. Some may find happiness in using Facebook and some in watching television shows. But how one can analyze this happiness. What truly are the measures of happiness? It is related to the satisfaction and enjoyment of life. It is related to the experience of positive emotions. Some may perceive that their happiness may lead to the unhappiness that makes us more dissatisfied with our life. They have a different approach towards negative emotions that how they are going to deal with them.

For everyone money and having status in society may not that makes them happy. But these all are outer emotions that can be shown to other people also. This happiness may be pretentious. What about the happiness of the soul? Is it really necessary? To find this inner happiness this may take some days and years and years of meditation. For some people its realization maybe within seconds and for some it may not be realized in their whole life.

The soul is the spiritual part of a human being. It has been developed when there is no body of human being and will remain till the end. For some people, inner happiness lies in nature, to see its beauty and praise it. For some people inner happiness lies in nirvana, a state to leave everything and lives alone. For some people staying still and looking at animals makes them happy. For some people, a life-changing event gives them their inner happiness and the best example of this is Muniba Mazari. Her accidents take her legs away from her but she finds her inner happiness that is her talent of being a painter.

How one can find his/her inner happiness? There are many ways of finding as firstly we have to make our vision clear that what we want from our lives. Secondly, we have to make sure to ourselves that there is no such thing as perfection. Thirdly, we have to listen up our heart. Fourthly, we should not blame others for our failures. We have to accept our failures. Lastly, we should realize that we are indefinable.
But in the modern era where there are hustle and bustle everywhere, where everyone works for their own benefits, it is not easy to find out the inner happiness. We have to make ourselves happy as it gives us relief from depression. There are many ways of having this in today’s world as one can have it by doing small acts for example by giving way to someone else. By helping the labor, by giving some money to needy. There is of no use of making bundles of money we should adopt the habit of giving. From this, you would realize that the ultimate source of happiness is within us. No situation remains constant even when a person and time does not remain constant. But happiness is the same at every time and we have to explore this. You have to comprehend that your happiness is your matter and you have to do it for yourself.

At the end I would quote Dalai Lama’s views at inner happiness:
“The ultimate source of happiness lies within us. Not money, not power, not status, which fail to bring inner peace. Outward attainment will not bring real inner joyfulness. We must look inside.”

Author: Naima Cheema

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