You can read mutual fund table through newspaper. You can also read the table online.

Information through Online:

Website provides more information than fund table. Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and all of the major mutual fund companies provide more information. You can check fund name, net asset value, trade time, price change, previous close price, year-to-date return, net assets, and yield. With just few clicks of the mouse you can also view historical prices, headlines news, fund holdings, Morning star ratings and much more information.

Information through Newspaper:

By providing key information points, mutual fund tables give an overview of a mutual fund’s performance. For the past twelve months in reference to its current value. They also provide vision that how the fund’s price per share has changed over the course of the most recent week.

What Do You Need?

The bundle of information available everywhere can be dangerous. What you really need to know? Where you can go to find it? How much detail is too much for you? The answers to all these questions depend on how you are planning to invest. If you are searching for day trade, for example, information about daily pricing developments may be occur critical to your efforts. If you plan to buy and hold for long time then, long-term performance information, fund expense ratios, and the history of management teams are enough. Fund fact sheets and a copy of the prospectus of funds are available on most fund company websites. These documents usually provide all the information, long-term investors need to make decisions.

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