About nine years ago, I was recommended to watch Beauty and the Beast at DVD shop but me never. The idea behind title wasn’t inspirational for me. How could a perfect beauty and a perfect ugliness exist separately? In reality, beauty lies in ugliness and ugliness in beauty. Then why we are afraid of ugliness?

From here my story and life turned to the main road after troubling in congested streets of confusion. Actually I got inspiration from the title of the movie lying coincidently next to Beauty and the Beast and that was Peacock (Though I didn’t watch both). I hate coincidences in movies even but I enjoyed this real one.

Yes, in peacock was the reality I was required to accept. You know nature lovers see shiny blend of colors in splendid feathers of peacock and only critics identify their black feet. People see what they want to see. Be bold and generous enough to fulfill the demands of both. Actually in shop, a flash of thought came to me that if peacock is comfortable with its flaw in beauty and isn’t trying to cover it with feathers then why should I remain reluctant to my flaws? Let nature lovers be happy with my qualities and characters and let critics be contented with my flaws in beauty, big teeth, pimples and limitations.

Yes it is so simple. Perfection has a flaw. It provides nothing for criticism. Be proud of your imperfections. Give everyone to talk about.

So, “Wake up Sid!” to those who are wasting their talents because of some weaknesses. If you are unable to change those so called flaws then you are challenged to fight with them. Come on the stage of life with show of your fabulous feathers of talent. Let the people know you and allow them to recognize what they want to see in you. Remember, If you would hide your talent then it is your fault and not of people.

Author: Fizza Tun Nobia

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