Vitamin A: All you need to know

Vitamin A occurs naturally in both plants and animal tissue , Vitamin A from animal tissue is fat soluble and in the form of retinol , retinal or retinoic acid .It is also found in fruits, vegetables, whole milk, meat, fortified margarine.

Requirement of Vitamin A:

Daily intake of vitamin A for men is 900 mcg, women 700 mcg, and adolescent 300-600 mcg of vitamin A.

There are more than 500 carotenoids that have been identified, fewer or less than 10 percent can be made into vitamin A in the body. Lycopene is a carotenoid that is very helpful to cure prostate cancer.


Vitamin A play a major role in bone growth, Protection of Eye, Reproduction and immune system. It is also very effective for healthy skin, as it play a role in collagen formation. It has antioxidant properties and fight against cancer.

There are two types of vitamin A

  • Preformed vitamin A (Dairy, meat, poultry)
  • Provitamin A (fruits and vegetables)


It is found naturally in fruits and vegetables and also available in supplements form. Dosage depends on age factor.

  • Fortified breakfast cereals.
  • Dairy products
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Carrots , apricot
  • Spinach , kale , collard green
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Hardboiled egg
  • Butter
  • Goat
  • Cheese

Health Benefits:

Protect eyes from Night Blindness:

Night Blindness is simply known as Nctalopia and caused due to vitamin A deficiency, by eating beta carotene in adequate amount may reduce this blindness. Macular degeneration is caused due to oxidative stress and damage to retina and this is the main cause of blindness.

May lower cancer risk:

Eating Beta carotene in adequate amount may lowers the risk of cancer such as cervical, bladder and lung cancer. Vitamin A plays an important role in development and growth of cells.

Support immunity:

Vitamin A plays a major role in developing immunity as deficiency of this vitamin may lead to weaken the immunity and may alter the immune cells.

Keeps skin glowing:

Vitamin A is recommended by dermatologist because it fights against acne and wrinkles as it has enhancing skin, and anti-inflammatory properties. Retinol applying topically to skin improves fine lines, acne, wrinkles and also help in skin glowing.

Relieves Inflammation:

Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant and helps in reducing free radicals. Due to anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin A may have various health benefits because inflammation is the root cause of many chronic conditions ranging from diabetes to lung cancer.

Author: Nabia Noor

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