Reason Behind Human Existence

The reason for human existence is the vital question that blocks every mind and cease them to think over it. The question is why we are being held down to this earth? What is our purpose of living? How we are going to realize that our existence is meaningful or not? These are some questions that we need to ponder.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran (23:115)

“Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose) and that you would not be brought back to Us.”

From this verse we analyze that we are not here for enjoyment, we have to realize what our purpose is. I’m going to explore human existence in two aspects as first as a blessing and secondly as a torment.

First, why our existence is a blessing. Allah has blessed us with the mental capacity to think that makes us superior over animals. Allah has given us the free will to make choice between good and bad and it is up to the man what he chooses. But how a man is going to realize that why he is existing. Either his existence matters or not. Well, this can be seen that life is a blessing and everyone may not have it. Think about those children that are died at the time when they are born. If we are alive there must be a reason and we have to find it. We have to find out those choices that make our life a blessing. Some people may take their life as a game that is come play and then die. Nothing to do according to their wish. But true life is that which is being lived fully that has the purpose in life than to make other people benefit from your life not a loss to them. Our only aim should be that we become a source of benefits for others. We have to find out the relationship between our heart and soul.

Secondly, either our existence is torment or not? A question needs to answer. This is for those who always blame their existence for all their wrongdoings that leads to bad results. It is the nature of the man that he does not accepts his faults. People always try to find out someone to put blame on them, eventually this leads to the satisfaction their ego and self. This leads to a plague that eventually causes torment in ourselves and puts a question mark in our existence.

The important question is what our reason for human existence is? It is that if our existence is not fully a blessing than not fully a torment. It depends upon man that how they are going to take the paths of their lives. Good or bad is in the hands of man as Allah has given us the choice. But, where there is a choice this makes us in trouble that what should we adopt or not. That choice is our reason for existence. We have to find it the one who analyse and understand life goes to the right path and the other path ultimately leads us to torment. Our existence is a real truth but behind this truth, there is always a hidden truth and we have to explore that truth. To sum up, with Sufyan ibn Uyania saying:

“The reasonable person is not one who merely recognizes good and evil. Rather, the reasonable is only who follows good when he sees it, and who avoids evil when he sees it.”

Author: Naima Cheema

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