What comes in mind when we think about happiness. Everybody has different perspective about happiness. I define Happiness as a STATE OF MIND.

Sometimes people get all the hauls of the world but still remain empty from within, on the other hand there are people who finds happiness even in the tiniest things. It’s all about the game of mind.

You don’t need to go out of yourself to find happiness. Take a plunge deep into your soul. When you’ll find yourself, you’ll find the happiness. People search for happiness and felicity out of themselves but unfortunately they have to come back vacant-handed. Because the room to happiness is found within self.

Happiness gets amplified when you share it with others. Some people might think that they we’ll be happy by keeping it to themselves but actually it’s a psychological fact that if you are a cause of smile on someone’s face you will get inner peace.

Happiness autonyms with envy. When you start envying, you start losing peace of mind that will ultimately lead to despair and melancholy. Peace of mind is achieved from within. Start thinking about your centre i.e where your happiness belongs. And remember your happiness is your possession. Nobody else is responsible if you link your happiness with anybody.

The other thing that eats up our happiness is Comparison. One compares oneself when they are in inferiority complex and the reason behind this complex is ill-satisfaction of the possessions you have had with yourself. When you’ll learn to be content of what you have rather regretting of what you don’t, believe you me you’ll be the happiest man alive on the face of this planet.

Do what makes you happy. Sometimes smallest things hides inside them the greatest happiness. But you don’t even bother to unveil them. Let me give you an example. Once a boy named Ally used to live in a small town in Switzerland which is renowned for its natural beauty. But Ally never took interest in the nature and kept himself busy in thoughts of earning handsome living. All he needed was puncturing the balloon of despair. One day walking along the riverside his intuition provoked him reminding him to be the part of this nature. So he started considering beauty of nature. As his attention diverted from considering money his God, he started living the life, as he soaked himself into the mystic beauty of nature, he found ecstatic happiness everywhere.

Happiness is a bliss and blessing but not everybody is not able to seek this bliss because they have so much occupied themselves into the blues and glooms of the world.

The contemporary happiness is associated with money all the way. It may be true that empty pocket causes you despair but neither money buys you happiness. It all depends on how you make up your mind. If you keep on lusting for more and more you’ll end up being gloomy but in lieu if you get satisfy with what you own than happiness will kiss your feet.

Author: Ariba Riaz

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