#Not that funny: Women and Social Media

Women are being objectified for a very long time. It is either related to her with the way she dresses, the way she speaks, the way she acts and so on. My question is why always women? Why we are being condemned by everyone? Aren’t we humans and have no value?

Social media, everyone is aware of its advantages and disadvantages today. At one side it is the great source of communication among people of different communities, cultures and countries. It produces harmony among all people. But it also provides disadvantages as it dampens the self-confidence among women. Social media provides a great disadvantage to women as they are considered as weak gender and always are condemned to make mistakes.

Women are shown as some witless creature that has no brain and only a source of laughter for men. If they talk about some serious issue they are devalued by considering them as thick headed. They are considered as unprofessional by posting jokes that involve the bodily and mentally functions of women.

My simple question is why always women? Men should also be a source of joke and laughter for women. The reason is that we are living in a patriarchal society and men are the only one that can lead a society well. Unable to understand why they are so hypocrite. They take this as a source of humor not realizing that it hurts women’s feelings. This activity is simply a sexist activity that only one gender is being objectified and dehumanized.

The Government of Pakistan is taking an initiative to revitalize the value of women. They started a campaign #Not that funny which means that no one is allowed to crack jokes at women.

This campaign gives an opportunity to women to stand up for their rights. To stop themselves from being an object of laughter. A question comes in the mind of every woman that why me, always me. Am I such a disgrace to others and for myself as well? Why such an attitude towards me?

It’s true and I am not neglecting the fact that we women are dependent on men and this is somehow good for us. But people deny the equal status of men and women. As in Quran 2:228 Allah said:
“And according to usage, women too have rights over men similar to the rights of men over women.”

Then why we? Always we? When Allah has given us equal status then why women are being objectified by male members. When women speak for their rights they are called as the ones who are going to ruin the society. Then to cover up their wrong attitude they say that ‘I hope you have not mind anything it was simply a joke.’

In this article I simply want to say that stop playing with the emotions of women. They are also human beings and stop seeing them with the eyes of hatred. One thing men should realize that if a women emotions get hurt then they have nothing to be left with, as people don’t respect women present in their homes. Just remember Napoleon remarks on women that “Women are always much better or much worse than men.” Stop being her becoming a worse option for you. Don’t forget that a good society is developed by women because she is the one that gives sterling education and training to the new generation.

Author: Naima Cheema

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