Can women follow their dreams too – Here you go girl

Dreams are something that act as a fire in our lives. Dream is a thirst that cannot be quenched easily. These dreams give us a purpose to live life and without them, our lives would become a bird whose wings are cut down. Dreams are the one that gives us the passion, strength, and patience. There are two types of dreams one that does not let you sleep that requires struggle and patience and the second ones that comes only while sleeping lead by our unconsciousness.

Pakistan, a male dominant society, a society in which patriarchy is considered as the virtuous. Now the point is that how women emerge in such a society. They are not allowed to do what they want in their lives even not allowed to dream about it. How our dreams are being fulfilled in such a society? Society is what makes up our thoughts, personality, and way of living. No one can deny the fact that society has no impact on them.

Males don’t want women to emerge in the fields as it hurts their ego. But nowadays, women dream and do every effort to achieve those goals. Every woman who emerges is an uprising. It is an uprising firstly from ourselves, then male members of our family, then society and then the people working with us. Women have to go undergo many stages and to bear the comments like ‘she is same from start too bold and girls of our house don’t do such tasks,’ ‘she is super egoistic,’ ‘her mind is not in her senses,’ ‘she has gone out of her limits,’ ‘she must has done something wrong,’ ‘aye-hye you have given her birth to such shame’ and so on.

But we have to put a stop at those comments that disgrace us. It is the habit of people that they want us to be in some position. You don’t have to stop dreaming. Many women emerged that have fulfilled their dreams. Women like Muniba Mazari a Pakistani model and activist, Aafia Siddiqui a Pakistani neuroscientist, Naila Alam and Yasmeen Durani has done humanitarian tasks, Ayesha Farooq was fighter pilot, Ayesha Ayaz youngest Taekwondo, Saba Gul who works for unprivileged girls of Pakistan, Mehak Gul a chess player, Maria Toorpaki Wazir a squash player, Namira Salim a Pakistani astronaut, Asma Jahangir a great lawyer and social worker, Maya Ali, Mahira Khan, Hania Amir renowned actresses. These are some renowned fields in which women emerged and fulfilled their dreams. They do hard work to achieve such status. Despite this now in Pakistan women do driving such as Zahida Kazmi Pakistan’s first women taxi driver, Parveen Saeed owner of hotel Khana Ghar who is a businessman, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy a journalist a film-maker and many more.

What these women have done that they are praised? Why contribution they have done in the making of society? Is their role is important or just an illusion? To answer such questions I would simply say that they have given a platform that you can be yourself. They have been to such positions and successful now as they all have gone through great pain and have realized that pain is a blessing.

Now you girl, yes you, stand up for what you want. Stand up to fulfil your dreams. Stand up, you should not destroy your youth. For being successful you have to undergo pain but remember that youth is incomplete without troubles. Let your dreams to cause trouble and shake the world with your achievements. Stacking up virtues instead of credentials may not a way of living in this world. I’ll end this with J. K Rowling’s quote:
“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all- in which case, you fail by default.”

Author: Naima Cheema

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