Women of Urban areas are more ambitious than Rural areas- A False belief that needs to be corrected

Women are paramount of every society, without them nothing is possible. Women do multitasking at a time. They are more ambitious nowadays than men. It does not matter women are from the rural or urban areas, they are the backbone of every person and perform many roles at a time. Women had gone through many phases from being buried when they were born in ancient times to today where there is the claim of feminism.

Mostly, people think that urban women are more ambitious and they have knowledge about all fields. They have a realization of their self-perception. They know what they want to do in their lives ahead. They know what their preferences are. But we cannot deny the fact that city life is full of hustle and bustle and there is competition prevailing around them. They have to transpire with that competition and have to work hard. They acquire skills needed for competition not for self-perception as it lacks in them.

Nowadays, women don’t think that from what background they are. They can do possible measures to fulfil their ambitions and dreams. Rural women are same in ambitions as urban women are. They somehow appear to be more promising than urban women. They know about the value of price at the end of the day as they have gone through many hardships and it is the result of their struggle. In old times what the rural women lack is self-perception as they don’t know about what they want in their lives. But, now they know the value of their life. They know what their skills are how to use them. They have not enough resources as Urban women have but still, they work hard to maintain themselves in society. As we see that people from remote areas emerged to become famous in whatever fields they go. They work in fields and do better work than men. Rural women use their skills of sewing, knitting, embroidery and earn money. It is due to the fact that when opportunities are provided, everyone realises their capabilities.Their ambition is not to earn money as they have no competition, their ambition is to satisfy their inner self.

It is a false notion that Urban women are more ambitious than Rural women. We need to appreciate the fact that rural women also play an important role in the development of our country. It is true that the ambitions of Urban and Rural women are different but it does not mean that they are the people with no dreams. Geographical areas also play an important role in the development of the minds of the people and that is so. The main difference between Urban and Rural areas women are that rural women lack self-realization because of the cultural and traditional values. But, it does not mean that they are not ambitious, what they need is to be sure what they want in their lives. We need to ascertain the fact that women are equal either they are from the Urban side or Rural side. Women progress is only because of her.

Author: Naima Cheema

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