We human beings are born with certain wishes and desires. Our wishes and desires are specified and controlled by our social norms and values. In our society, boys are not supposed to do certain things because of their gender stereotypes. Similarly there are certain wishes and desires which we cannot fulfill being a girl. Like all the other girls sometimes I also wish to be a boy, so that I could do all the things which I want to do if I were a boy.

If I were a boy, I would like to take a tour all over the world without any fear of, what people talk about me. I would not be restricted to the four walls of my house. I could feel free to walk in the street and play in the street with my friends. If I were a boy, I would never bother about my dressing. I would not be so much conscious about my dressing. There would be no tension for the new dress on every party. I would have the permission to stay at my friend’s place at night. If I were a boy, I would work hard to become a better man. To be a person who respects his parents and also respect the women around him.

There would be no reason of leaving my parents’ home to start my new married life. I could stay with my parents. If I were a boy I would get rid of all kind of stereotypical comments that most of mothers pass to their young daughters, such as; “you need to learn cooking and stitching to impress your in-laws” and “what would you do in your next house if you do not cook well”. I would not need to worry about my in-laws life style and their expectations. After getting married, I would not need to change my father name.

As a girl, I am very much emotional and always like to live in the world of dreams and fantasy but if I were a boy, I would be more practical and less emotional. My main focus would be of earning money and a perfect life style. I could fulfill all my expenditures on my own. I would become independent. Being a girl, I am not supposed to be a part of army. Our society do not allow female gender to do such brave jobs. People think that females are less powerful than men. So if I were a boy I would devote myself for my country. As a boy I would have more freedom of speech and freedom of action in every matter of our society. Girls are usually deprived of their property rights, so if I were a boy I would make sure that my sisters and daughters get their property rights properly.

Like me many other girls suppressed some of their desires and wishes which they cannot fulfil because of their gender. Boys are always right in their actions even those actions are considered wrong for the girls. Girls do not have liberty of their actions but boys are free to do what they want. If I were a boy I would allow all the girls around me to do what they want and treat them equally as boys. If I were a boy, I would ask every boy to behave well with girls and respect them.

Author: Maryam Zafar

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