Motivation is a powerful, but delicate phenomenon. Sometimes, it is easy to get motivated by simple means, you get yourself covered up with a bunch of excitement and a whole lot is looking
fabulous and determined. Other times, it is almost impossible to uncover a way how to motivate yourself, get your soul uplifted and step out of the death trap of hesitation.

The question still persists, what is motivation, exactly? Steven Pressfield wrote a great line in his book “The War of Art”, to me that is the peakness of motivation. He wrote, “At some point,
the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.” You can say, it is easier to change than to stay the same. It is easier to take action and feel insecure at a new job than to stay
unemployed. It is easier to feel awkward to meet a strange person, explore the world, and enhance your chance of earning and raising your bank balance than to feel disappointed about
your failing economic conditions.

This is actually the real face of motivation. Usually every option has a price, but when we get motivated, it is easier to tolerate the embarrassment of actions than to feel the pain of remaining the same.

Here a misconception arises that motivation often comes after the start of a new trait, not before.
This is totally wrong. We, collectively think that motivation arrives after watching an optimistic video or listening to a scholar or motivator. But in fact, a real life example is way more motivation tool than a fiction or drama.

Motivation is basically the result, not the cause of an action. Start at a smaller level and raise it to a broader and developed level by hardworking is a real life example of motivated soul. Newton’s first law states “objects in motion tend to stay in motion”. Likewise when an action has begun it is easier to move it further and to keep it continuous.

People find it difficult to get motivation they need to fulfill their objectives. This is because they are wandering everywhere, wasting their time in finding shortcuts and bypassing rules of
hardworking. But they didn’t realize that true motivation is actually starting up of your actions and breaking of friction of didn’t starting. Once you get momentum and start your work, it will pave the way of your progress and guide you to the path of evolution.

Here another question arises that how to stay motivated? Answer to this question lies in The Goldilocks Rule phenomenon. The Goldilocks rule states that Humans encounter peak motivation when exercising problems that meet their current abilities. Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right. Exercises that satisfy your abilities and keep you happy are the ones that keep your motivation alive on long run.

Believing yourself and putting your hundred percent on the tasks assigned to you are the keys that get your work done on deadlines. This will keep your happiness level at peak and make you
flow. As amalgam of happiness and peak performance is referred as flow. Flow is maintained by evaluation and feedback of your work. These are the consequences of long run motivation. Successful people start before they feel ready. So, the only hurdle is to start doing and you will get going and get motivated as your task proceed.

Author: Umar Farooq

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