The Dawn

As per name it signifies the beginning, the arising, the hope, rays of light and the bundle of glories by the Glorious Allah.A single Ayat(verse) have so many meanings.Everyone have there own situation to which they’d get the Ayat. Allah’s words are for every single of us, in every single situation. Even we are worried, torn, tattered or shattered.Or happy,blooming, colorful and joyous.The words of most kindest brings us hope , strength, love and peace. We can feel light and even lighter by His words.

As Allah says:

“Surely,the hearts find peace in remembrance of Allah”

So, the remembrance means to be drunk in memories of Allah. Thinking about Him, talk to Him or talk about Him. Allah’s words are actually the directions from Him.

“When I want to talk to Allah, I offer Salah(prayer) and when I want Allah yo talk to me, I recite Qur’an”
(Hazrat Ali A.S)

His words brings Dawn to our dark and gloomy lives.

He said

“By the sun, when it glows”
(Ayat no 1)

This Ayat is basically and apparently about sun, the early glow of sun at the dawn time. In this Ayat, Allah Almighty swore for the time when the sun glows.
This Ayat was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) when he (P.B.U.H) hadn’t received any revelation for six months (according to Tafseer).

He (peace be upon Him) was so worried about not receiving any message from Allah. He (P.B.U.H)) thought that Allah Almighty might be angry with Him and then the Surah revealed.
This surah is about the hope, in dark days; about the bloom in glooms.Lessons I got from this Surah are:
Firstly, Allah have given us Sun, sun means guidance, guidance means Divine light(Noor) , noor means Quran; the books of Pprophet P.B.U.H , the book of the beloved Prophet of Allah and the words of Allah.

This dawn can be taken both in terms of worldly and eternal. If we take it worldy life’s brightness we’ll doubtlessly face darkness earlier or later. And if we take it as eternal dawn, then Satan (devil) do make us astray.

As mentioned in Quran
“Satan is man’s open and biggest foe”
He always tried yo misguide us. Make us feel the darkness and sadness in every situation.

After very first Ayat Allah says:
والیل اذا سجی
ما ودعک ربک وما قلی

“By the night when it covers,
Your Lord have never left you, nor He’s angry at you”

Here night means darkness of times, times of ignorance . When Allah send sun to guide us.Allah is always merciful on us. Either the day or night of our life, we are happy or sad, our heart is dead or alive , we remember Him or not. Allah gives us at every moment and in every situation. That’s why after our one step He take 10 steps, and after our walk He ran to us. He give us countless blessings , He has given us His Prophet (P.B.U.H), Quran, light, guidance and noor. The only thing required by us is a little struggle.

When we struggle to get his mercy, when we fight our Nafs(desires) to get closer to Him. He opens the door of mercy on us. So even after doing so, our life becomes restricted but we are satisfied that our hereafter is better, the best. Our life become good and our hereafter turns to best ever. He open up the doors of his Rehmah on us, so that out lives become glorious, our prayers, our every act is counted as an act of kindness. After this we find Allah, we find His will and his Dawn.

Author: Musfirah Tehreem

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