Anaemia is a disorder in which the body lacks the enough amount of red blood cells (RBCs) and hemoglobin.


Anaemia is also called as iron poor blood it is a disorder in which low amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells leads to not enough oxygen for the body people of all kind and ages can be detected with anaemia at any stage of life. Anaemia has many types which have mild stages and sever stages. The mild stage anaemia is often not detected due to its low intensity or less symptoms. Many conditions leads to anaemia and show symptoms like weakness dizziness yellowing of skin faintness etc. Anaemia can be treated and prevented by supplements and also by diet.
In this article you will forward you the anaemia causes, symptoms, prevention and types.


There are many causes and reasons for anaemia and also there are number of conditions which lead the body to anemic condition. Anaemia is connected to low level of RBCs which contain hemoglobin to carry oxygen. The low level of RBCs can occur due to many reasons.

The conditions like low vitamin diet, heavy menstruation bleeding, pregnancy ,intestinal disorders and chronic condition can lead to anaemia.
The main causes of anaemia are;
1. Not enough RBC production
2 .Number of RBC is destroying is more than being made
3. Blood loss

Not enough RBC is production

To make enough RBC is the body need iron vitamin B12 folate Minerals and protein. The main item is Iron. The body obtained its iron from diet .The RBC production is also connected with the inherited conditions of diet poor diet leads to low level of iron in the body which ultimately results in low RBC and low oxygen supply to the body which leads to anaemia.

Number of RBC destruction is more

In this condition the RBC is destruct before completing its natural lifespan that is 120 days. The reasons for destruction are many it can be inherited or acquired by body on its own. There are certain blood diseases and disorders in which body immune system make certain antibodies which kills the RBC before time thus making the body difficult to cope with the destruction level and RBC making level.

Blood loss

Blood loss is the main reason for anaemia especially in female that is heavy maturational bleeding and also in pregnancy. When blood loss is too much amount of RBC are lower which result in low level of iron in body which makes the body difficult to make enough amount of RBC.

Signs and symptoms

The mildness and severity of sign and symptoms tells that what is the intensity of anemia.
The mild anaemia develops no observable symptoms.If person develop this he or she will have tiredness ,weakness, pale skin or yellow skin but as anaemia get worse the person develop more symptoms like faintness, increase thisrt, week or Rapid pulse, dizziness,sweetness ,fast breathing it is also cause leg cramps and shortness of breath.


The diagnosis of anaemia in a person can be done by

  • Physical examination
  • Test and procedures

Physical examination include weight, height, paleness of skin etc. while the test and procedure includes RBC count, WBC count, hemoglobin test.


There are many types of anaemia like Iron deficiency anaemia, aplastic anaemia, hemolytic anaemia, Sickle Cell anaemia, anaemia with bone marrow disease, vitamin deficiency anaemia.

Iron deficiency anaemia

As the name indicates this type of anaemia is caused by low level of iron in the body. Iron is needed to make hemoglobin .Without iron red blood cells can’t be made so shortage of iron leads to less red blood cells and blood.

Aplastic anaemia

This type of anaemia occurs in the body when body cannot make enough amount of red blood cells to be used by the body. Aplastic anaemia is caused by certain types of infections and medicines and Chemicals in the body.

Hemolytic anaemia

This type of anaemia is developed when red blood cells destroying number is more than red blood cells being made in the body this can be “inherited” or “acquired by the body”.

Sickle Cell anaemia

This type of anaemia cause by the defective form of hemoglobin which makes the RBC to have shape of Sickle which unables RBC to survive and supply blood ultimately cause death of RBC. It is inherited.

Anaemia with bone marrow disease

If the bone marrow is subjected to any disease like leukemia then the production of red blood cells be effect which leads to the anaemia with bone marrow disease

Vitamin deficiency anaemia

Other than iron body also needs vitamin B12 and folate to make red blood cells if the deficiency of the nutrients that are Vitamin B12 and folate is present then this leads to the effects the production of RBC.

Treatment and procedure

Anaemia can easily be treated and its treatment is also related to the types of anaemia. For treating the anaemia one should have the following goals;

1. Increase red blood cells count so that you can increase oxygen.
2. Control conditions causing anaemia.
3. Prevent other complications in the body.
4. Relieve symptoms and improve quality of life.

Ways to Treat Anaemia:

  • Taking multivitamin, so that Body Can recover the deficiency of nutrients which can be lead to poor blood formation and ultimately anaemia.
  • Genetic counseling, it is to consult your doctor if anaemia is present in your family talk about how can you reduce the risk of anaemia in your upcoming generation.
  • Prevent malaria and other another diseases which can affect the body and to blood.
  • Eating a vitamin rich diet, to prevent anaemia one should eat diet which are rich in iron folate vitamin B12 and Vitamin C

Foods Beneficial for Anaemia:

  1. Beans, lentils, dark green leafy vegetables, dry fruits are rich in iron.
  2. Fruit and fruit juices, green peas, kidney beans, vegetable, peanuts, bread serials are rich in folate.
  3. Meat, dairy products, fortified cereals are rich in vitamin B12.
  4. Citrus fruit coma tomato, Melon and strawberry are rich in vitamin C.

Author: Zoha Shawal

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