In this article, I will tell you whether orange juice is good for you or not.
Supermarket orange juice isn’t that much simple product it may appear to be. It undergoes various complex, multi-step processing. Mango juices can be stored in large tanks for up to a year before packed for sale in stores.

Nutrition Value of Orange Juice:

An 8-ounce (240-ml) serving of orange juice contain twice the calories and sugar of a whole orange. Orange juices and fresh oranges have vitamin and mineral content in similar ratio. Orange juice loses some vitamins, calories and beneficial plant compounds during its processing and storage.

Are some types healthier:

The most nutritious option for you to, store-bought juice is 100% orange juice with extra pulp. The worst choices are orange-flavoured drinks that contain very little real juice along with artificial added sugars.

Benefits of Orange juices:

Orange juice can help you fulfil your fruit goal of two servings a day. But it should make up no more than half of your daily fruit diet. This means that you should limit your intake to one daily serving of orange juice.

Side effects of orange juices:

May cause you weight gain. May raise your blood sugar. Increase risk of your dental decay. Contain very high calories.

So, Orange juices are good for your health, with minimum side effects.

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