• Ketosis may be a natural a part of metabolism.
  • It happens when Carbohydrates intake is extremely low (such as on a ketogenic diet).
  • Or after you haven’t eaten carbohydrates for a long time.

Both of those cause low hormone levels that causes lots of fat to be free from your fat cells. Once this happens, the liver gets full with fat that turns a part of it into ketones. During ketosis, several elements of your body are burning ketones for energy rather than carbs. This includes a large part of the brain. However, this does not happen instantly. It takes your body and brains a while to “adapt” to burning fat and ketones rather than carbs. During this adaptation part, you may face some temporary side effects. These include the “low-carb influenza” or “keto flu.”

  • Ketogenic diet may minimize potential side effects
  • May cause: ketoacidosis, Kidney Stones, Increase Cholesterol levels
  • Decrease heart rate
  • Ketosis may sometime cause digestive problems
  • Ketosis may cause sometimes, Leg muscles to cramp
  • Bad Breath is also common in Ketosis
  • Low-Carb influenza
  • May Cause Keto-flu

Ketosis is Healthy and safe, but it is not safe for everyone:

Being in ketosis shown powerful advantages but also shown some misunderstandings like fleshiness, obesity and epilepsy. Yet though ketosis is usually healthy and safe, but you will see some side effects. These embody the “low-carb respiratory disease,” leg cramps, dangerous breath and digestives problems.

However, these effects are sometimes temporary and will disappear after some days or weeks. Diet can even help in minimizing these effects. Additionally, it is to be noted that whereas adapting ketosis has obvious advantages that it’s undoubtedly not for everybody. Some people feel nice and get advantages on a ketogenic diet, whereas others feel and perform far better on a higher-carb diet.”

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