Onion have many benefits; few are mentioned below:

Onions helps controlling blood sugar level:

Contain many beneficial compounds. Have anti-diabetic effects. Help in reducing blood sugar level.

Contain many Cancer Fighting Compounds:

Lower the risk of Stomach and Colorectal Cancer. Haver Cancer fighting properties. Contain Flavonoid antioxidants.

Onions are loaded with Antioxidants:

Red-Onions contains Anthocyanin. Powerful plant Pigment. Protect against heart diseases. Certain Cancers. Prevent from diabetes.

Onions provide help against heart health:

Reduces heart attack risk. Reduces Blood Pressure. Reduce Inflammation. Lower triglyceride levels.

Packed with many Nutrients:

Onions are low in calories. Contain many nutrients. Contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B and also Contains Potassium.

Onions help in boosting Bone density:

Contain many minerals. Minerals help in bone growth. Increase bone minerals density.

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