Lemon chicken (piccata)


Chicken breast                  2 pieces (boneless)

Unsalted butter                3 tbsp

All purpose flour              1 ½ tbsp

White pepper                   ¼ tsp

Olive oil                             2 tbsp

Low sodium chicken         1/3 cup


Lemon juice                      ¼ cup

Drained capers                 ¼ cup

Italian parsley                    ¼ cup

Salt and pepper               As per required


  1. Take chicken breast pieces and cut them half into ½ inch thickness.
  2. Now take little flour in a plate and slightly dredge chicken in flour while seasoning with salt and pepper.
  3. Take a sauté pan and add some oil in it. When heated cook chicken breast for 2-3 minutes u till it’s cooked from both sides. Take it out and keep it aside.
  4. Turn the heat high and ass lemon and chicken stock, cook until it becomes a little thick sauce.
  5. Reduce heat and add butter, capers and parsley and stir.
  6. Add chicken pieces back while adjusting the taste of salt and pepper according to your taste and serve.

Author: Kausar Fatima

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