“Your daughters are growing elder, there is no use of your husband here,see this silly lady is alone here,there is nothing to eat for her… ” These were all the statements that force her to be tangled in the thoughts. She had many dimensions to think about. She was a lonely lady having her husband on bed in a paralysed situation,having two daughters and their responsibility of marriage has to be fulfilled. She even dont have money to take her own and her husband medicines. From sunrise to sunset she only runs before the family.


She was staring the stars that a voice echoed in her ears that father is in much pain,mother please do some for him. She while running went there and she looked that his husband eyes were filled with tears.. She brought his medicine and gave him.Next day one of her daughter was diagnosed with anemia and doctors said to bring money so they may give her blood. She opened her pouch and only a note of 500 rupee with some coins were infront to her. She requested the doctors to give her some time. While doing this she went home.



She was in such distress that she cant even tell to her own.,”How will I arrange these money,,”. Just thinking this she went to offer her prayer. While praying the tears were rolling on her cheecks, and she was feeling like her heart is just going to burst due to burden . “Will my husband once again able to walk and talk? My daughters ,how will i arrange the money for their marrige, how will i arrange the money for the blood,??how will i run this house.?how,how ?how?while saying these all she was only weeping.


While praying a shout came from out,,”mother mother,,,father has passed away”. Listening this she cant even stand errect, her whole universe was rotated… On the funeral the ladies were consoling her. But a thing was strange their that the lady was not weeping there. Instead was thinking something very deep.. and her thought was explained when a women there was talking that how will she live now,? You know widows are never given a status in this world. Now the people will give her a very worst position..and now what about her daughters they will also have a complexity in their life…She was yes tangled in thoughts and was looking at her husband helplessly.

Author: Musawira

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