Lost Humanity

Living in this world of 21th century which is marked by the stamp of civilization, we are somewhere parting away from our basic moral standards. In a society when  a person move upwards and reach high levels weather in his business, money or life his morals come downwards. I am not just stating a fact, rather people exist which do not consider any man lower than their strata. Just focusing one of those acts which is the pathetic attitude of these so called humans with their servants. Just take a look at this picture.


In this picture whole family sits in the car while the maid is put to sit in the trunk showing her actual worth or position.

This made me to rethink that knowledge and humanity is way too ahead of just getting education. According to UN charter[1945]

‘All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.

While there are some people who are not free and are chained everywhere. I am talking about the servants as they belong to lower strata, they open their eyes in small cottages and perceives only poverty and incomplete desires from the world. So to meet up their parents and their own needs they work for people as servants. They not only just do every chores of their house and outside, rather they become the essentials of their life and people totally rely upon them.They took this as their profession and work very hard. I have seen some servants who do not just earn bread for themselves rather for his or her whole family.But besides this the treatment with maid is pathetic as shown in this picture and there are many more incidents like this. These incidents occur mostly in Asian countries like in Pakistan and India.

It is because the concept of slavery is in their tradition.This concept of slavery exits in Arab before the advent of Islam but after Islam it was not banished. Than it was continued with the mughal dynasty and rule  as every king used to have many servants. The point to note here is that it is not the servants or slavery we are concerned rather it is the behaviour, attitude and value given to them. Slavery exist even today but we as a civilized and so called educated people give it a civilized name of servants and maid.

These servants came out of their house and spend their whole time ,energy and life just to serve people but in return  they get obnoxious, harsh and cruel attitude which slowly internalise in their mind and without any complain they consider themselves inferior.Man has discovered every thing weather it is on earth or in sea, but sadly man has still not discovered humanity. Even the God cares more about our attitude than our achievements.

So we as humans must show kindness and love to every person irrespective of strata, humanity actually is doing good for others without the need of getting something in return but in this case you get your all essential without any efforts.

So in the end we must look down towards poor people with affection and must respect them as this would not make us small. As Gandhi said:

“I am endeavouring to see God through service of humanity,for I know that God is neither in heaven, nor down below but in everyone.”

Author: Kashaf Noor


  1. You have exposed the bitter reality with beautiful and inspiring words… Keep it up…..You can be a very good reformer…stay motivated 👍


  2. You have exposed the bitter reality with beautiful and inspiring words… Keep it up…..You can be a very good reformer…stay motivated 👍


  3. Very nice thoughts
    It give alot of good information and tell us in a very beautiful way the concept of humanism!!!
    Good work


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