Mystery of Man And Amazing World

Man, man and man.These three words are not mere the words but the three kinds of men in this world and are not coincidently linked but deliberately attached through the veil of philosophy.


A man is a train which has to pass through three stations. First, station of evil then station of hypocrisy and ultimately the station of charm. In order to reach these particular stations, special type of fuel is used. For an instance, on a journey for station of evil, it requires a fuel of desires. Similarly, for station of hypocrisy, it requires fuel of lust and eventually for station of charm, it requires a fuel of purity of soul. All the three stations are located in a mode of circle which means that the train use to surround in a circle which is as coincidental as the Earth which itself surrounds round the Sun. So, in short the journey of Man starts from one end of circle and terminates at the other. Now, as far as three stations are concerned they possess separate sole characteristics.

Station of evil which is far apart located from station of hypocrisy has like the gravitational force the desirational force of Earth. Station of hypocrisy which is located closely to station of charm has the force of lust in Earth. Station of charm which is again  close but not very close to station of evil but very close to the point from where this train starts it’s journey has the force of purity of soul in Earth. So, station of Hypocrisy is located in the center of the station of evil and the station of charm. Every man has to pass through these stations once in a day or in a week or a month, year or once in his life. But those who will pass in a day or week or a month or even a year will reach the truth fastly which in Essence is not possible because it takes years to understand the concept of right. But it can be tackled out very soon if one will understand the amazing mystery of Man and world. Now, we know that opposites use to attract each other and similar use to repel. In the same way, good use to attract bad. I totally disagree with the philosophy that good attracts the good and bad attracts the bad as some people believe that society molds a men. It’s not like that actually because if it would be like that then the revolutions in the world would not be brought by the sole personalities with their passion to change the world.
Now, according to philosophy when a man who is a train I highlighted when starts his journey it carry not a single passenger which means that it starts it’s journey alone. This train which is fueled by desires reaches the station of evil which is the first phase and the first station, after arriving at this station he when the moment stops at this station, a number of passengers possessing certain list of ambitions start boarding on this train and more will be the number of members at this train, more probability would be there to reach the station of Hypocrisy which requires an enormous amount of fuel of lust.


So, now a question stands that the train who was having the fuel of desire when it started it’s journey how would be able to get a fuel of lust? So the answer is simple that the station of desires provided such train a number of passengers with a number of desires and these desires when charged attains the shape of lust. Because lust is the combination of numerous desires. And when this train will reach at this station of Hypocrisy by courtesy of desires of number of passengers then all the passengers of desire will leave this train and the passengers of lust will hastily try to board this train and now this would be the test of that train whether it allows over here the number of passengers too to board or not because the incoming station which is station of charm for its entrance requires non existence of all the passengers of lust.


So, in short, in order to cover this short distance between station of lust and station of charm, it has to stop on the station of lust but  by leaving the passengers of the previous station and not with the purpose of boarding on the passengers of lust. In case, if this train succeeds in reaching the station of charm which is very difficult because it is impossible to leave the station of lust without boarding any passenger but at the same time possible because of the distance between the two stations which will make easier for the two opposite forces of attraction namely the force of lust which is evil in nature and the force of purity of soul which is good in nature to come close to each other.

Now when it reaches the final station which is station of charm it will become able to know it’s final destination which is very close to the point from where it starts it’s journey but if it fails to do so then it would neither be able to come to know from where it started and where it would gonna end.


As I exhibited before that its journey starts in a circle and will end in a circle but the mystery of the journey was that the train was unaware of the fact that it is gonna end in a circle to the point where it started. As man doesn’t understand when he opened up his eyes in this world that from where he has come and where he has to go because of certain hurdles which he faces at every station. But only those men came to know who came to know their starting point but the amazing thing once more is that the awareness of starting point comes when they reach the final point after overcoming those certain hurdles. Because this final point is the final destination of every man where by he actually came to realize the purpose of his existence.

Author: Syed Irtaza


  1. Great…. Deep thoughts …. Beautiful description … Surely the phases which every man has to face to understand the true meaning of his life …the purpose behind someone’s existence. Keep it up Man … MAY Allah Pak prosper u in not only this field but in every aspect of life.


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