Till the Liberty of Women

Liberty of women

Although from the continuing journey of society many rituals have changed, however, there are many people suspected about the changing situation of new customs and beliefs. The feudal system of our country created such type of mentality, which forbids accepting the environmental and social changes. Few of them oppose the feminine movement. According to them, women are born to take care of their children and to stay in the four walls of their houses.

For them, the thought of walking side by side of a man is just a waste of time. They are unable to perform the duties outside of the house. To defend their point of view they talk about the physical weakness of women. Male-dominated society elaborates their views by saying that, God has created the women weaker than men so that’s the reason in the history there are only a few glimpses of women’s bravery.

Let’s have a look at the past to check the validity of this view. The modern world has disclosed many revolutionary facts about the past. In Stone Age land was the combined property of the whole tribe, due to lack of agricultural instruments there was no more production. Men went out for prey and women remained in the house doing the gardening and other productive activities. The field of work for men was the prey of many evils and everyday changes, so the women play a very important role. They were the very essential part of society.

With the invention of the iron, silver and plough changed the whole situation of productivity. There was a requirement of immense struggle to use such instruments which were not the work of a female. Slavery and the concept of personal property became the reason of the decline for women. The women which were the reason for social superiority became the neglected part of society. With advancement in technology, the concept of motherland produced the fathers and sons of her own.

In many countries, the women fall down.  When Islam came and spread everywhere the women has given a high place again as a mother, daughter, and sister. Islam retains the dignity of women. Islam truly preaches the equality of men and women. There left no inferiority or superiority complex among people of that time. The reason for the decline of many regions was that they treat women like animals.

Much socialist support the social equality of women and this movement is more political than social because the social movement is a constant change and politics is the continuing effect of a society. The role of women is constantly toward change. Till now in politics, art, industry the identity of women was due to men, but now with the advancement of technology, electronic and print media there occurred changes in women mentality as well as men.

Women are now active members of society. They are working side by side for the sake of their families and to achieve success in every section of society. In patriarchal system women been the victim of many evils and brutality exercised on them by the men. That brutality snatched their self-confidence because they were humiliated. The slavery of female was not by their physical weakness but the changing entity of productive relations, the change in this production system will make the women stand by the male. How this society will retain its entity in this situation is a question still unsolved.

Author: Zainab

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