Autobiography of a Flour Mill

I am a flour mill. My journey is interesting as I have seen many phases from one generation to another, devotees who pass by me and workers who worked for me. I was young and fertile than.

I was build up in 1999 and started working in 2002. I earned a lot till 2008, after that I saw a very darker phase of my life in 2013. My owner closed me. I who served as a source of livelihood became barren. The reason of my barrenness was our governmental policies. They stocked whole of grain and an endless journey of black marketing started. They ceased the border of ‘Afghanistan’ which was the center of trade; automatically ‘Iran’ and ‘Russian’ trade come to an end.

The fate of flour mills is uncertain due to several reasons. The customer opting to buy ready-made grain. Electricity rate per unit increased. Commercial users are charged more than a common house meter.  The debt taken from banks, taxes have broken down the backbone of producers. Grain rate exceeds the limit and the capital instead of increasing constantly decreased.

Flour mill1

Low demand for freshly ground Flour and the shortage of skilled labors. Owners were not only who suffer but the farmers, the brokers, vender’s workers also entangle into the vicious circle of this politics. I was then like a kind mother who always ingestion her kids but governmental inaptness destroyed me. I was the symbol of glory, still a glorious organization but now dilapidated.

Once there was hustle and bustle, workers walking around and grind the wheat, the roaring of machines keep me alive. My owners were very conscious of me, but now they start visiting me once or twice in a month. My take care became a lapse. This rudeness hurts me a lot, but my condition is like an autumn tree, which produces nothing but weeds only. My grief is not only my barrenness but the people who worked for me, A handicapped old man worked as a guard. I was the only source of earning for him.

I feel like a dead elephant, and this grief corrosion me. I was the source of hearth burning for two hundred houses. They became unemployed, their pain blows out my hope. Changing Political situations of the country raised a hope in my heart that everything will be alright but all that hopes remained unfulfilled.

Flour mills association is doing nothing for the sake of my entity. One by one flour mills get wiped out. I believe we are reaching a point in our agricultural sense where wheat must be raised under a good system of production. Another problem is the variation of wheat from year to year due to climate condition. Detriment wheat due to the vast stocks in cellar sold to flour mills and this spoiled wheat also become the reason of mechanical faults in machines.

No one is determinant to run a flour mill. Flour mill owners have switched over to other modes of income in past six years. This is a painful reality that people have to leave their ancestral business. Industry served as the backbone of our country we must have to save it if we want to keep our identity alive…

Author: Zainab

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