How to Install Adobe Photoshop


This image editing software, Photoshop was first invented in 1990. Designers and photographers use this tool for making creative designs and photographs. Adobe Photoshop is mostly used for the purpose of graphic communication to target the audience. I am going to write several articles for the beginners. There is no need to spend money on short courses if you are not a design student. I will instruct you how one can easily create designs and images on Photoshop in stages.

There are several design software like adobe Photoshop, illustrator, Flash, after effects, adobe Premier, 3Ds Studio Max and more. Let me tell you that there are different methods and tools in adobe Photoshop that can help you in implementing the same task. It is not important to learn 3 or 4 approaches for accomplishing the same task. You need to practice one more and more for getting better. Instead I will teach you all the rules with keyboard shortcuts, panels and menus. I will give lessons on basics of Photoshop after which you can use any version Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Photoshop CS6 serial number.


Step By Step Installation of Adobe Photoshop:

Let’s move towards our first step: Installation. Before using Photoshop we need to learn the process of installation. You can download any version of Adobe Photoshop from three different sources.

  • You can buy a DVD from a store. Make sure the DVD has a product key inside.
  • You can download from creative cloud or adobe website or can download through internet from any website. This will give you a trail version for some days and you have to buy a license.
  • The most easiest and simple way is to get a setup and crack of latest version from a design student or anyone who owns design software.

After getting a setup from any of the above mentioned sources, the afterward installation process is almost same. Open the adobe Photoshop folder and double click on setup.


A window will open showing the start of the process of installation.


After the completion of installation. A new window will open with Install and Try options. Select Try.


And Accept the adobe software license agreement.


Choose sign in and give your adobe ID and Password. If you don’t have an adobe ID visit the adobe website and create your ID and Password. Come back and enter here. You can turn off your Wi-Fi on computer before starting the first step of installation then the sign in window will not appear.



Tick the Adobe Photoshop CS6 from the list of softwares. Choose the language and location where you want to install Photoshop in your computer and click install.


The installing process will start automatically.


Click close.


Go to your previous chosen location for the software. Find the PS icon and the Photoshop will open by double clicking the blue icon.


The software will open and then close the app.


Copy the amtlib.dll (crack) and then paste into the correct folder (setup). Make sure before starting the process you need to cut the crack from the correct folder and paste it to another location. You need to install the photoshop then close it and copy the crack into the same folder.


Now you can open the software and start working on extended version.



Author: Tehrema Khalid

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