The Rainbow Art

The art movement started in the 1950’s for the purpose of advertisement. Pop Art the name originated from the word “Popular”. The famous names among regarding Pop art were Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. I suggested its revived name as The Rainbow Art as the art exhibits the polychromatic color scheme.

Reviving art movement……….as The Rainbow Art

This art movement was at its peak during the 1960’s and then started to vanishing with the invention of contemporary and postmodernism art. The purpose of this article is to refresh the importance of this creative art form and how one can create effective portraits in Rainbow Art.



The following are the tools you needed to create any image in Rainbow art:

  • A computer or a laptop
  • You need to install Adobe Photoshop in your system
  • A picture

Now we are going to start manipulating an original photo to Pop Art.

  • Open your original picture in Adobe Photoshop by selecting File-Open. Once the picture opens. Automatically a layer created in the layer panel. Right click on the layer, rename as the original picture. Select the layer by clicking.


  • Remove the background of the original picture by selecting Magic wand tool or a quick selection tool from the toolbar panel or by pressing W. you can also draw a selection by using the pen tool (P). Draw a path by clicking the pen tool. Once you draw around an object you need to close the path. (where you had started you need to finish on the same point) right click and select “make selection”. This is how you can select any shape. When you click on the background after selecting the desired tool a window will appear saying that you can not edit this layer. You need to rasterize the layer for any alteration.


Right click on the background layer and rasterize the layer.


Now select the background area by magic wand tool a dotted line appears on the edges of background and press delete. Then cntrl D to deselect.

  • Select the area of hand, hair, face or cloths by using Magic wand, quick selection r pen tool. Be sure that you had selected the original picture layer before using any tool on hand, hair, face or clothes.


Once you have selected the hand press cntrl+alt+J. A window will open name your layer as hand and click OK. You will see that a new layer created as hand above your original picture layer.

  • Now press cntrl from your keyboard and click on the white box on the hand layer. Go to Image-adjustment-threshold and set the level of threshold to 155.


  • Press alt and click on a circle icon t11at the bottom of the layers panel. A window will open select solid color.


A new window will open tick Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask. A color picker window will open when you press OK. Select the color of hand, a color fill layer will appear.


  • Now you need to change the blending mode above the layers panel to


The color of hand changes. You can also change the black color of hand by selecting the black color on the hand area with magic wand tool. Click on the upper box for a foreground color. Color picker window will open select the desired color and click OK.


Likewise, you can easily manipulate all the areas of image one by one with color variations. Once the whole picture is done. You can simply use a flat color background or combination of colors and can modify one image creatively into many.


Author: Tehrema


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