The Car that was Punished!



It’s my car…

Is it my car?

Oh yes i remember there are some glimpses in my mind about this car, the one i bought very keenly. Last week during protest I was on my way toward university. Some “extremists” who pretend as “Muslims” actually assert to be true Muslims, broke down my car.

What was my fault that I am a peaceful Muslim? I don’t have the courage to deprive others of their belongings. Which type of Islam they are preaching and practicing. This religion which even forbids to waste water, how can it allow anybody to do such brutality?

Some self-proclaimed contractor of Islam creating anarchy through their speeches, and a surprising and painful reality is that even educated people are following them. Some “mulana’s” are the darkest aspects of our Islamic history; they are exploiting people and using the name of Islam just for their political motives.

After the attack on World Trade Centre even we Muslims are unable to clear our position in the eyes of the world. Moreover, some brutal disrupters are depicting dark and false picture of our country and our religion. Being a Muslim i madly love and respect my prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who even forgave the lady that used to throw garbage on him.

I agree it’s our responsibility to take notice of such audacities against our religion, but not in a rude way or not by taking law in hands. Even Islam establishes some rules and regulations and everybody have to act according to those rules. And whoever tries to break those rules, must be punished.

It is our homeland, our own country, and being Pakistani we all have to protect our country from external as well as from internal bad forces. Burning houses, tires on the road, damaging properties is not a practice of educated and selfless people, it’s just called ignorance. Due to few rotten eggs image of our country for the rest of the world is bad but to judge everybody on same grounds is a negative note.

It’s the responsibility of every individual to make reforms along with the state. Only the state is not responsible for every bitter situation, we are also responsible. Few of us create alarm in masses, for sure, they are foreign funded to destroy the image of our homeland. Why we are so mean to accept such type of offers even humiliating ourselves.

Islam gives lesson of brotherhood. Which type of Islam they are showing by shedding blood. Islam is a religion beyond the level of our thinking.  Nobody can get the true spirit of Islam until he/she imposes on themselves. While writing this and facing incident i feel like standing alone surrounded by wolves spreading blood, dread everywhere.

Alas! Decline of a nation starts when the masses living becomes rivals of each other. We are about to drop deep down somewhere no “Moosa”a.s  will come again like a beam of hope. Alas! Alas! Islam and politics are now same some exploiting Islam for politics, sitting in a studio some talks very confidently about Islam. Some pronounced that Malala Yusafzai as a terrorist, some voices came in favor. What about Afiya saddiqui? Is she a terrorist? Nobody talks about her, because malala was in pakistan and Afiya in the hands of foreign forces.

If a state decides according to the laws presented in constitution no doubt will be entertain, if anyone want to challenge then court procedure are there to challenge those decisions. There are many dreams in many eyes, for god sake let them breathe, don’t crush them in the name of Islam or for any political reason.

There is a thin line between martyr and suicide. No paradise is waiting after killing so many innocents. The need of the hour is to rejuvenate the true spirit of Islam. Providing shelter to a bird in a stormy night, a kitten, a puppy may be a greater act than thinking of paradise by killing innocents. You will be questioned for these acts in the court of greatest judge of this universe. True Islamic norms are something else than those that are being forcefully implemented by these self-proclaimed guardians of Islam.

I am still wondering that did my car perform any act of blasphemy.  But now it doesn’t matter that the poor car was involved in the blasphemy or not; it has got its due share of punishment.

Author: Zainab

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