Azeem Chaudhry – The Politico-Literary Palmist

Hi! My name is Azeem Chaudhry. Have just completed a degree of Masters in one of my favourite subjects “English literature”. Now i want to serve my nation through different ways.. I am quite interested in politics, law, IT, IR, Palmistry. Also i like to read novels and I consider myself to be proactive, resourceful, highly organized and I like to walk in a dovish place with my new flourishing ideas and dreams. I’m a multitasker. The 22 years of my life gave me enough experience about how to confront the grave issues with great credibility. My moto is: Stay strong Stay Positive, because things will get better soon.It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever. And one Last thing. I’m in search of that good life that everyone is talking about.

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