Musfirah Tehreem – The Inspiration Scientist


Musfirah Tehreem,  the young inspirational leader here at Inspired Trait: the group of people with inspirational qualities. I wish to convey my inspiration and motivation to the people around me, either by actions or words. The day I transferred the thing I want to transfer, the very day I start living.

I believe that first and the most important inspiration of someone, is in their own self. Also, the surrounding is the inspiration you can be inspired  by even a little ant, the way she struggles, the way she takes her life in a discipline, the way she works day and night in a sequence.

It’s not necessary to have a single aim in life, but being human all the aims of someone have the same root. As I aim to Brighten the ways, as my name demands me so. Enlightening the lives of people around me, by doing any of work for them. By writing, by speaking, by wearing or by any thing.


Stay inspired, stay motivated,  stay happy!!


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